VIDEO: Lourdes with Group 216

WHERE: I completed this piece of work as a part of my volunteer role at HCPT Manchester, and with Group 216.

WHAT: Each year, we travel to Lourdes with a group of young people who may have additional needs. I created a video for HCPT to use online to promote their work.

WHEN: April 2017

WHY: The task was to film and edit a video that encapsulated the joy and emotion of the week in the form of a video for promotional uses, while providing the young people and helpers with happy memories.


Creativity – I had to consider all angles when recording the video, and try to capture moments that I thought would be effective and evoke emotion.

Technical – To film the video, I used a GoPro Hero Session. I then condensed over 100 videos into a short, four minute film which was edited using iMovie.


I believe that the Digital Media module I have recently completed as a part of the second year of my PR degree has helped me to create this video. By learning about different software and techniques, the result for HCPT and my experience has been enhanced.


  • Increased awareness of the good work HCPT Manchester does, as well as acting as a guide for future children who will go on the trip .

Watch the 216 video here:

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