WHERE: Leeds Beckett University, as part of the Communication Campaigns module.

WHAT: In this group project, members from across the world (14 countries) join together create an international team and respond to a real-life client brief.

Our brief was from ZEISS, an eye-care specialist, and asked us to raise awareness of sight loss in a developing country of our choice.

We have had to approach the brief as an international agency would, in particular by communicating with the other countries in a way that results in a unified campaign, conducting research (SWOT, PESTLE, stakeholder analysis and a situational analysis) and creating an overarching strategy along with the tactics that fall under this.

I personally took the lead in creating a stakeholder analysis. Below are my initial thoughts on the stakeholder analysis, which as a team we then categorised into passive, active and latent stakeholders.


The UK team presented a condensed version of our campaign on Wednesday 17 May 2017.

WHEN: January – May 2017

WHY: This was a great opportunity offered to us as part of our degree.


International – I have been working with colleagues from countries such as Spain, Chile, Portugal, and India.  Naturally, there are challenges that have arisen much as cultural differences and meeting despite time zones, and so overcoming these to create a strong and coherent presentation is a great achievement.

Communication – Communication is a vital part of any PR campaign, especially so when it is in an international and group work context.  Ensuring every member of the team felt heard, valued and appreciated meant that our campaign ran smoothly.

Research – As mentioned, we have conducted extensive research into our client (ZEISS) and the problem we were given to overcome (sight loss in developing countries).  We completed a SWOT, PESTLE, stakeholder and situational analysis which helped us to form our strategy.

Below is our progress presentation which evidences the beginning of Team Four’s strategic plan, as well as demonstrating snippets of our research and strategy and tactics:

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