DIGITAL: RosieHeatonPR

WHERE: I completed this blog in my spare time, to complement my degree.

WHAT: I have been blogging fortnightly, as well as working on developing the WordPress theme to ensure my site captures my personality.

WHEN: Ongoing (May 2017)

WHY: I created the blog to aid my professional development and create an online persona/brand for myself.  As well as this, I have developed my Wordpress, HTML and SEO skills. I also created graphics using stock images then edited these using an online editing software called Fotor.


Creativity – I have customised a standard Wordpress theme to add in the colours and pages that I feel most reflect my personality and brand, as well as creating regular content that people are interested in reading.

Technical – By using WordPress, I have learned how to add dividers in HTML, arrange and create pages into the order I would like, and use images to link to other pages.

Communication – I have had to show my writing skills in the creation of this blog.


The following modules enhanced the creation of my blog: Digital Media, which helped me to learn about WordPress, Writing for Communications, which taught me different styles of writing and PR skills, which provided me with the skills to compile a portfolio together.


  • Using my blog, I have been able to share my posts on Twitter which has led to me engaging more fully in the industry and getting my name out in the PR student world.
  • My blog was featured twice on BehindTheSpin’s best PR student blogs.

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