Busy bee – A hectic few months!

Since finishing my second year at Leeds Beckett life has been, as ever, busy.

In May, I started my life as a working woman and moved back home to Manchester. It’s been lovely to spend time with my family and have the perks of living at home, and having started my placement year I’ve fallen in love with what I’m doing. It’s completely reaffirmed what I want to do with my life, working for a charity in communications.  I’m already learning so much from what I’m doing, those I’m doing it with, and also by overcoming the day to day challenges of full time work.

As much as I’m loving work, I’ve been trying to live by the motto work hard, play hard.  Moving home always had the potential to feel very different after mainly living in Leeds for the last two years, and so I’ve been trying to make the most of my time back in Manchester by going on mini trips around the UK, getting back into my home-based charity work and catching up with friends.  Often I’ve been combining all three into one!

At the end of May, I helped out at the Believe and Achieve Trust’s Ladies day, which is something the committee have been working on for a good while now.  I’m happy to report it was a roaring success, though my waitressing skills are questionable, and the fashion show, music and afternoon tea combo worked wonderfully.

Believe and Achieve's Ladies day, a hive of activity!
Believe and Achieve’s Ladies day, a hive of activity as you can see!

I then got to catch up with my old-time-bestie Lauren which is always a treat. We met as young teenagers who had no shame about our weirdness, and to be quite frank I don’t think we’ve changed enormously (though we don’t care to admit this often.) Obviously there is no photographic evidence of this as we talk pretty much constantly whenever we get together and so have no time for photos, but we called in to the Manchester International Festival teepee and had a very wild lemonade as we put the world to rights.

Next stop: Carlisle! I travelled to Carlisle for my annual summer trip, and this time we even ventured as far North as Scotland.  I feasted on homemade tablet and other Scottish goods, and went in an old toy museum which I’m not sure I’ve quite recovered from.  Some of them did not look very fun!  We didn’t let the weather stop us and took to the water of Moffat on a swan-shaped pedalo, which was the most fun I’d had for ages. Our driving was not up to standards and we ended up heading face first into trees a fair few time.s I think the man who was working on the lake enjoyed it more than we did (which was a lot), purely for the human interaction as we travelled through the rain in style.

I then needed a rest.  The exhaustion from the previous few weeks hit and when my absolute knight in shining armour, Hanna, heard of my illness while happening to be in the area, she came to my rescue with a 6 McNugget meal. Forever grateful.

My most recent endeavour was an abseil off Peel Tower in Ramsbottom for the Believe and Achieve Trust.  Standing on top of a tower in the middle of the great outdoors really helped me to recuperate (though I have discovered muscles I didn’t know I had!) and I had a really lovely time. The highlight was not dangling over a wall, but instead watching Laura’s recovery back to her true glory as the day went on.

I have quiet hopes that July and August will be a little less busy to give me some time for rest, but I doubt it. And everyone knows I love it (not so) deep down!




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