I have a feeling that this year is going to be one that is full of positive changes and new beginnings for me. In fact, I’m barely a month into being twenty and my gut-feeling is already being proven right.

Being nineteen has been good to me… I finished my second year at university, zip-wired at 100MPH through the skies, helped host a parliamentary reception on behalf of Meningitis Now, won a prize for PR-ing, returned to Lourdes and have been constantly surrounded by some of my favourite people in the world.

It’s also been full of the smaller things that makes life good:  ordering milkshakes on a Monday night to get me through the stress of watching three series of Broadchurch in a fortnight, spending time with some of my best friends,  having the time to be nap during the day (thank you student life), seeing my favourite musicians live and laughing until I cry at my sister’s weirdness.

Being twenty feels more refreshing still and I’m hoping that the goodness of nineteen stays with me.  I’ve no doubts it will come with its ups and downs and its own challenges, but I’m determined to make it a brilliant one.



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