After the two busiest weeks I have ever had, I finally feel inspired to write a blog post. Though I’m not convinced I’ll finish it in one sitting… I’m nodding off already.

As you can probably imagine (by the fact I’m in my jammies, tucked up, at 9pm) second year is actually feeling really positive right now.

On the Sunday I moved in Eva, Laura and I had a girly night in.  It was very ‘PR Darling’ and involved copious amounts of prosecco, as well as some cheeky hummus and pitta snacks. We watched Gavin and Stacey followed by a couple of episodes of Peep Show and then I headed back to my flat. This second year malarkey is wild.  The night after we headed out-out which was lots of fun and slightly more student-like than staying in!

PR gurls

I feel 100% more comfortable in my new flat. I love it, and my room is my new favourite place to be, despite the initial problems when we moved in, (think: the usual hurdles that are to be expected with student properties!)   Though tonight it is really windy and the creakiness of the house is really becoming apparent!

I’ve been really busy too with RAG and attending numerous Freshers Fairs on behalf of the society.  After attending RAG conference back in August, me, Jenny and the rest of the committee are all pretty excited for what is ahead this year with Leeds Beckett RAG.  Did we mention a trip to Amsterdam? (Yes. Repeatedly.)

go teaaaaam.

In between all of this, I have actually started back at uni!  The thought of second year is pretty scary but equally as exciting, and we had our first placement lecture earlier today. It’s crazy to think that (fingers crossed) this time next year I will be working full time in a real life, grown up job. I feel ready. I’m so excited for the year ahead and everything that it will bring – I know it’ll probably be a stressy one but hopefully my hard work will pay off.

Tomorrow I start at my new Brownie pack in Leeds, and today went to the parade in Leeds welcoming back the olympic and paralympic champs back to Yorkshire which was fun…

So all in all: I’m pretty busy, 100% exhausted and enjoying every second of it.



Here’s to second year!

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