I thought I would just do a little post over summer, mainly word-vomit as opposed to having a real structured blog (do I ever have a structure? no.)

So, after having the world’s longest summer holidays (uni life!) and having a little bit of a worry about whether I’d be able to fill it, I really have.  I’m busier than I was when I was at uni!

For three weeks, I spent my time working as Assistant Team Leader on NCS with a group of amazing sixteen year olds. I’m really passionate about trying to override the stereotype of young people being yobs or any of that palaver, and my group really proved that young people do have something to give to society.  By the end of the three weeks, they had created a fantastic video that has had almost 8,000 views in the month since it was created. The video aimed to destroy stereotypes and illustrate diversity in their local community. I was like a proud parent or something!

While on residential with NCS, I got an email saying that I’d been awarded the Dean’s Prize for Most Outstanding Public Relations student in my year. Pretty over the moon with that!

The day after I finished NCS, I went out for a meal to celebrate three of the Brownie leaders at my pack, leaving. Not celebrating the fact they were leaving, obviously, but the number of years they had spent committed to guiding! They’ve all been a great support to me over the years so I’m hoping that they enjoy their ‘retirement’ and having their Monday nights back.

Then my family and I headed straight off to Corfu, where we returned to a lovely hotel we’ve been to a couple of times. The people are super friendly and it was good to just kick back and chill for a week.


After one day back at home, (one night in my own bed!) I decided it’d be a good idea to go and visit my friend Sophia over in Saltburn. It was. There I went surfing, made scones and became the dog whisperer all in one weekend. I felt like a new woman. Anyone who knows me well enough will know I am incredibly bad at baking, can’t walk in a straight line even when I’m on solid ground, never mind balancing on a foam board and also talk to dogs like they’re dapper old gentlemen and will respond to me. The dog did wee on my foot but from then on our relationship got better and better. Apparently you’re not a member of the family until he’s peed on you.

Me being the dog whisperer.


When I got back from Sophia’s I started my placement, doing PR for a creative/digital agency in Manchester which was really interesting and I’ll be going in for the next few weeks for a couple of days a week.

Overall, it’s been a crazy month or two and I feel like I haven’t had chance to stop, but in a good way! In between all this, I’ve somehow made time to move my stuff into my new flat in Leeds so I’m looking forward to going back to uni, Heart Research UK and starting at my new Brownie pack!

That’s it for now, but I’m sure I’ll be back with some more musings soon enough!

Thanks for reading.


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