Charity and Social Media

I run the social media for a newly formed local charity called the Believe and Achieve Trust. It’s so important in this age of social media for people to be able to engage with what you’re saying and relate to what you’re doing. I won’t lie to you, we’re a small and local charity that are just getting ourselves on the ground, but there are definitely some bases that need to be covered, whatever size your charity. Here are a few things I’ve learnt so far:

1. Don’t let the aim of your charity be forgotten.

It’s so easy for your message to be lost in a  bundle of charitable requests.  Don’t forget to remind people what your aim is, and why they are donating their time and money to your cause over others.  There are so many charities out there competing for supporters that you can’t afford to lose them.

2. Involve your supporters.  Connect with them.

I’ve found that the best way by far to interact with your supporters is to ask them a question to find out what they might want from the charity.  Before a meeting, for example, send out an ask for any ideas they may have or goals that they may want the charity to achieve.

3. Visual media is always good… and a few puns.

Making people giggle is always going to gain you support. Even if your pun isn’t hilariously funny, it may bring a smile to someones face and form that bond that charities and their supporters need. Using visual media such as pictures and videos engages the reader, persuading them to look at your request.

4. Interact with other charities and on twitter, embrace things such as #charityhour.

Every charity is looking for their message to be spread on a wider scale, and where best to gain the support than from each other? Shares and hashtags go a long way. Retweet other charities tweets and ask them for advice – different approaches to things can sometimes be enlightening and give your cause a certain twist.

5. Be personable.

Twitter and Facebook are so useful for building a professional image of your charity, but sometimes people want to see the face behind it.  Again, making them laugh, or posting a quick interview and picture of those who are involved with your charity can be immensely helpful in gaining that new volunteer.

Don’t forget to ask for people to share things – it gets better results.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this has helped create some inspiration!


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