an introduction // first post


Hello to you if you have stumbled across this blog!

My name is Rosie, and i’m a 17 year old college student from the UK. I’m currently studying Sociology, History and English Language at A2, which means that next year I will be (hopefully) going to university.

My long term goal is to work for a charity.  At the moment, i’m incredibly passionate about fundraising and volunteering for various causes, and in the long run I would like to put this to use and work in the third sector.  My aim, however, is not to fundraise for my living, but work in a PR & Communications role within a charity.  This means getting a degree…

Currently, the world of university is an overwhelmingly huge concept that seems a long way away, but in the back of my mind I am aware that my exams will be complete in around 9 months and i’ll be on my way.  This both excites and terrifies me!

I know that as someone who would like to work in PR I need to work on honing my writing skills in even further than I already do, and a perfect way to do this would be through a blog.  I do enjoy writing a lot, it’s the inspiration that I lack!

So that’s a basic introduction on me. I’m planning on doing a few blogs about charities i’m already involved in, the things I spend my time doing and such.

I hope you stick around!


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